About Us

Geolocarta is an innovative Australian Geospatial startup based in Brisbane, Queensland. Founded on the philosophy of challenging the norms of traditional geospatial data collection and distribution.

We are doing this because, the current model has led to a system that is not only inefficient, but also creates unnecessary expense and greenhouse pollution, with the same location collected by different professionals, each unaware that others already have the data they require.

How are we going to change this? We achieve this by centralising systems that support the creation, discovery and consumption of geospatial information and services.

Geolocarta will change the way spatial professionals do business, allowing them to work smarter by saving time, increasing revenue, and enabling innovation. Founded by Stephen Donaldson and Stephen Kelly together bringing almost 30 years of industry experience.

Join Geolocarta today to experience the benefits of partnering with a world leading disruptor of Geospatial Data discovery and consumption.

The Team

Stephen Donaldson

Founder of Geolocarta, award winning open data app developer with a decade experience in the survey & GIS industry supporting projects large and small globally.

Stephen Kelly

Stephen has a masters in GIS and an MBA, and is currently undertaking his Doctorate in Sustainable Agriculture. He has been working within the spatial industry for over 25 years.