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How Geolocarta Works

Geolocarta is an online spatial data and survey record database that is poised to create a more efficient business model for the collection and consumption of survey data than any other system that currently exists.

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Help the World Discover your Data

A central repository for the discovery and reuse of surveys and survey data

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Locate with Ease

Use other surveyors' data and help the world discover your data today

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Work Efficiently

Make money by increasing consumption of your survey data and services

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Save Time

Only collect critical data and we'll do the rest

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Complete Archive

Keep track of your survey data in one safe location

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But how does it work?

By making survey record data easily accessible online, Geolocarta allows you and other surveyors to work smarter. Rather than conducting a new survey yourself, you can save time and money (and increase productivity and efficiency) by downloading data submitted by other surveyors.

And by uploading your own survey data (for free – we’ll waive the account setup fee for registered early adopters), you will earn additional revenue each time it is used, generating ongoing passive income from data that would otherwise sit dormant on your server.

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when Geolocarta has launched